Pancrete’s performance insures exceptionally high bonding strength to metal. This high bonding is further supplemented by Clean Bond, our proprietary polymer-to-metal bonding agent/cleaner, giving unsurpassed ability to protect in the future. Pancrete permanently secures your air handler from deterioration now and in the future. Water drainage pans often are massively infected with mold and bacteria. Water drain pipes plug up biological matter, causing water overflows and property damage. Biological growth also cause odors, sometimes offensive enough as to cause occupant complaints.

Using Pancrete to address these important issues helps markedly, but there are other factors also of importance which we will cover later.

EPA and Areas of Stagnant Water Pancrete helps insure your air quality. The EPA recommends elimination of “dead” spots in the condensate pan where water stagnates. These stagnant areas assists mold and bacterial growth. Pancrete prevents stagnant water by automatically self-leveling the pan. No areas of stagnation are left in the water collection pan.

Pancrete’s Water-Repelling Surfaces Pancrete has a “hydrophobic” surface to repel water – it moves quickly down the drain. This water repellent surface engineered in our labs is permanent. Pancrete application is simple enough to also provide a sloped surface to most air handlers, if desired, for ASHRAE 62.1. Ability to Clean Most metal and coated surfaces have areas of rust or porous surfaces where microbes can attach to and grow.

Pancrete has a smooth and non-porous surface easily cleanable just by using a squeegee. Simple Cleaning and Protection of Vertical Surfaces This ease of cleaning is even more apparent when using Pancrete V-570 for vertical surfaces, fan enclosures, structural support members and filter racks. Why? The glistening white surfaces of V-570 makes noticing areas of contamination and mold easy. Cleanup is a simple wipe down. Without V-570, service staff would not notice dirt and bio film build ups on rusted interior surfaces. Pancrete provides for easy clean ability while stopping corrosion from occurring in the future. When Pancrete is used in conjunction with EPA registered Fast Attack HVAC System Sanitizer, a beneficial synergy occurs.

All Pancrete family members guard against biological odors and against microbial attack on itself. This insures a long product life unaffected by microbes.


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