New Fan Coil Vertical and Horizontal Inserts

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We provide both vertical and horizontal fan coil systems. We provide a variety of systems that have proprietary and unique features that will help eliminate the frustrations that can arise from installation, service and repair. With our team/partners we can help with any project from remediation to a custom designed system to meet your needs.


  1. Maintenance and repairs to our new coil systems are quick, easy and inexpensive in comparison to the existing hardwire components that are used by other companies. All our electrical components (motors, valves. thermostats) are designed with a quick release electrical plug so that each can be removed without having to disturb the entire system. For example, in the unlikely event that a motor is defective, our technicians simply unplugs the motor and plugs in a replacement without having to take down the entire system. Electricians are commonly required for existing equipment repairs—That is not the case with our fan coil units.
  2. Regularly scheduled maintenance of the coil system is much easier as each component can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled quickly and easily. This will reduce the building or suite owner’s annual maintenance costs significantly and will minimize any inconvenience to the suite resident.
  3. We offers both vertical and horizontal fan coil systems. These can be customized to meet the unique needs of a particular installation. We take pride in providing custom engineered solutions in weeks rather than months.
  4. A built-in alarm system can easily be added that will not only warn the resident of water overflow, but will also turn off the system, thereby ensuring that there is no flood damage to the suite and/or to the suites below. In many instances building managers will have the opportunity to negotiate lower insurance premiums based on the protection that our alarm systems provide.
  1. Our coil system housing and tray pan is made of stainless steel to minimize risk of corrosion. We does not use or recommend galvanized steel pans unless customers specifically request us to do so. Our units are welded and no silicone is used anywhere.

  2. The motors used in the our coil system are highly reliable and very energy efficient, using approximately 50% of the energy that other  existing systems use. When these savings are annualized across many suites in a building, the savings are substantial. Furthermore these motors are of cutting edge technology and are factory programmed to ensure optimal performance for the installation being performed. Blower/motor units are specifically designed and programmed to provide the quietest operation in the industry ensuring the comfort of suite occupants.

  3. All our coil system installations use custom made mounting brackets with predrilled holes to facilitate installation and to avoid drilling more holes in the ceiling.
  4. Our coil systems use stainless steel waterlines to connect from the valve to the unit, insulated with closed-cell Rubitex foam. These stainless steel water lines have a special fitting on both ends making them flexible and easy to remove.
  5. All components in the our coil system are CSA or UL approved.
  6. Copper coil lines in our units are half an inch in outside diameter which provides good water flow. The coil is engineered for maximum heating and cooling BTU’s.



  • We offer a 5-year warranty on parts and labour, provided that regular annual maintenance of the system is performed either by our technicians or qualified industry technicians.
  • If a 3rd party technician is hired to perform the maintenance, it must be done in accordance with our specifications and a report of any deficiencies must be provided to us.